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The Pinal County School Superintendent’s Office was originally established in 1914 by the authority of the Arizona State Constitution. As an Educational Service Agency there is a long history of providing assistance to the school districts in Pinal County.
Our organization is committed to working cooperatively with agencies throughout the state in identifying and serving the educational needs in Pinal County. We strive to accomplish this through leadership and partnering to offer a wide range of educator and student centered services.
Today, the roles and responsibilities have changed significantly as society, educational requirements and economics have changed. However, the ultimate goal of each service and program offered is to improve the quality of learning opportunities provided to over 51,000 students and 6,300 employees that attend or work at public school districts in Pinal County.
Service and support for student success. Professional Development supports educators through a collaboration of services, resources, and funding to improve teaching and learning.

Financial and fiscal services to the public school districts within Pinal County to assist them in sound fiscal management of state, federal and local dollars.

Information technology services for the Pinal County School Office, and financial software and data support for public school districts within Pinal County.

Home schooling information.

Works cooperatively with the Pinal County Elections Division in overseeing school district related elections.

Schools under the direction of the Pinal County Superintendent are; Mary C O’Brien Elementary School, Villa Oasis Interscholastic Center for Education, and Pinal County Secure Care Programs - Hope School and Esparanza School.
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